What can be done to keep impetigo from spreading from child to child in my home?

Hygene and culture. Good hygene, washing with plain soap and water, of the impetigo, hands, clothes, towels, bedclothes. But our studies in families show that others often may be carrrying the bacteria, and that culturing, using effective antibiotics, as shown by the culture, and treating the household members, is the only way to prevent recurrent infection in the household.
Hygiene, Hygiene. As this condition is from bacteria (staph), it is important to have it treated as soon as possible. Frequent hand washing and "bleach" bathes are important as well. With the little ones, gloves come in handy so they don't cause further spread or re-infection.
Wash hands often. Wash hands, don't share towels, and determine who the carrier is in the family and treat. People with chronic sinusitis and eczema are often carriers of staph aureus. This is the primary reason for repeated infection and spread of impetigo. Consult your dermatologist to screen for carriers in the family.