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Red itchy rash on both hands, nose and upper back warm to touch no other symptoms is it minor allergy? Bp104/70 pr 92/min., temp. 36.1 degree celcius

Could be. It could be one of several possibilities. Usually with a rash, you would need to have it seen by the doctor to get a diagnosis and the correct treatment. You can give it a couple of days to see if it resolves. If an allergy, Benadryl (diphenhydramine) would make it improve or go away.

Persistent, itchy rash for four days following allergy skin testing. Rash is at the site where the allergy testing was performed. Is this normal?

Well if there is a. rash where the allergy testing material was, then the rash is actually a positive reaction to the test product. If you have a generalized rash, it could be to the adhesive. See your allergist that performed the testing for absolute answers. Hope that helps.

Daughter has skin colored bumpy itchy rash spreading on body tried betaderm & aquaphor. Not working. Allergy meds don't help either. What could it be?

Need to see a rash. There is really is no way to tell what a rash is without seeing it. Could be a contact dermatitis, eczema, a reaction to the Biaxin or scabes. Hydrocortisone and Benadryl (diphenhydramine) help with itching, but probably needs to be seen to diagnose.
Pityriasis? There are several inflammatory rashes that appear frequently in children and a proper diagnosis is helpful in not only giving the right treatment but avoiding unnecessary treatment. In the derm word, a picture is indeed better than a thousand word. The rash could be eczema, requiring steroid cream. For the other common rash, see link.