After recovery from vitrectomy for macular pucker and subsequent cataract surgery will a patient be able to wear contact lenses?

Contacts after CS. Depending on the type of cataract surgery performed (sutures used or not), the vast majority of patients can use contact lenses after surgery (usually after 1-3months) if needed still after surgery: our goal in most patients is to help them be glasses/contact lenses free. More information at
Check with provider. you need to check with provider each person is different but there is risk with contacts and you have significant risk so be cautious and check with provider.

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My father had a cataract surgery, but some dislocated lens debris has gotten into the vitreous cavity. Will vitrectomy be safe, or does it pose risks?

Vitrectomy. Victrectomy is usually safe,but surgical procedures can be accompanied with complications which will be explained by the doctor performing the surgery.The decision to proceed with the procedure is up to the patient after all complications are fully understood. Read more...

Can contact lenses be worn 1 year after vitrectomy for macular pucker.

Yes. If the cornea is of normal curvature and health and the tear is sufficient to support a lens, then a contact can be worn. The vitrectomy will not affect the front of the eye unless the need for the vitrectomy included pathology of the front of the eye. Ask your ophthalmologist about your corneal health. Read more...