Can you recommend any home remedies to treat impetigo?

No. Impetigo is a contagious gram positive infection mostly due to staph aureus and/or groupa strep. It is usually very contagious and require prescription antibiotics to cure. Over the counter topical antibiotics often do not provide enough coverage against these bacteria. And, again, frequent hand washing and not sharing towels are essential to preventing further spread of the condition.
No. Plain old soap and water, which is antibacterial, does help in prevented spread in the patient and to others. Also washing clothes, bedding, towels, and dishes and silverware in hot water.
Yes. Impetigo is a highly contagious staph or strep infection. Gently washing with soap & breaking up the crusts is helpful; keep covered to prevent spread. Many home remedies may be useful, including applying raw honey, tea tree oil, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract or crushed garlic. Eating turnip slices soaked in vinegar for 6 hours is widely recommended! if these don't help see your md for rx.
Yes. My favorite may not be technically a home remedy, but as opposed to going to the doctor, often triple antibiotic cream or ointment is effective. Anti-fungal creams are not. There is also a growing tend towards the use of honey, in particular manuka honey, but it is sticky and therefore messy. Be sure to cover any area of impetigo to avoid further spread on yourself or to others.