I was told had very early stages of Liver Cirrhosis, is this terminal? Dr. said can live many many years with it, but I am terrified, and depression

Take care ofyourself. can the cause of cirrhosis be treated? (HCV, hemorchromatosis, etc?) stay as healthy as you can, active, with plenty of veggies on your plate - things can indeed stay stable for many years. but follow up with your doctors closely and do what you can to make sure things don't progress.
Can live many years. People can live many years with cirrhosis, especially if it is caught in the early stages. You need to do everything possible to protect your liver from further damage including no alcohol, no acetaminophen and eating a healthy diet. If your doctor prescribes medications take them as directed. Please also have your depression treated. Try to lower stress in your life and see a counselor if needed.