I think I may may have a deep vein thrombosis? What are the recognizable symptoms of dvt?

Can vary. Commonly, deep vein thromboses cause pain and swelling but sometimes they will only cause one or the other. Occasionally, they cause no symptoms. If a blood clot is small and in what we call calf veins, you might only get pain without swelling. If the clot is only blocking part of the vein, but not all of it, you also might get no swelling.
Variable. Trying to make a diagnosis of DVT based upon a history, and findings on examination is hazardous. Symptoms may be mild soreness of the calf muscle, with or without swelling; feel ing as if one has a pulled muscle. It is best to obtain an ultrasound study of the leg veins to evaluate one for possible dvt.
Pain and swelling. The most common symptom of DVT is pain and the most common physical finding is swelling. However, not everyone has these. If you have unexplained swelling with or without calf or thigh pain then a venous ultrasound would be indicated to look for a dvt. Sometimes even a ct scan or mrv is necessary. The bottom line is, if DVT is considered, then proper testing is required.