Pediatric surgeon (neonatal and or fetal intervention) vs. Ob/gyn (perinatology), what's the difference?

Perinatal medicine . Fetal intervention/fetal surgery is performed by an entire team. The team is made up of a pediatric surgeon, Perinatologist, and a neonatolist. The pediatric surgeon is the one who performs the surgery, the Perinatologist manages the patient with the complications that can result from the surgery, such as preterm labor. The neonatologist takes care of the complications that the baby may have. .
Different. A perinatologist deals with women who have high risk pregnancies. A pediatric surgeon operates on newborns and young child that need surgery. Does that answer your question.
Patient age. Perinatologists work on pregnant adults, and help them with difficult pregnancies. Pediatric surgeons work on the fetus or newborn (and older kids)