Nervous for ACL surgery with patellar graft, what to do?

Many graft choices. The latest multicenter level I clinical trials confirm that both allograft (donated cadaveric frozen tissue) and autograft (your own tisse; e.g., patellar BTB or hamstring, etc.) do very well for providing excellent outcomes for the unstable ACL deficient knee. Allografts have no harvest site morbidity. Discuss both options with your surgeon.

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I am nervous about an ACL and patellar graft surgery. What can I do?

Get support. Very common and safe surgery done hundreds or even thousands of times across US each year. Making sure you have all your questions answered and maybe finding person or persons who have had surgery can go a long way to relieve concerns. Your surgeon can give you names of some patients to talk to I am sure. Read more...

Is patellar tendonitis after ACL surgery common?

Varies . It does vary somewhat. Anterior knee pain is more common if the graft was taken from the patellar tendon itself as opposed to the hamstring or an allograft. I would let your surgeon know you are having problems. Read more...