My nerves in hands and face shake?

Tremor. Several reasons for shaking, and your brief description may be consistent with heredofamilial essential tremor, but could possess hyperthyroidism, or medication reaction. Parkinson's and Wilson's both have specific tremors, and all of the above could be considered. A neurologist will sort out, and guide therapy decisions.

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What does it mean if the nerves in my face and hands shake?

Suggestions. You might have an essential tremor, and less likely, a cerebellar problem, or a medication reaction. Medications are available to treat tremors, and worthwhile trying. Read more...

I was told I have a problem with my nerve system but lately the top of my head hurts too much and my hands shake more violently?

Need careful exam. There are many possible reasons why you could be having these symptoms. In order for a physician to diagnose your problem he/she would need to review your medical and family history, ask you many focused questions, examen you and if needed order specific tests. If you are not satisfied with the advice given to you after a careful examination get another opinion from a neurologist if possible. Read more...