Got a bump at the back of my mouth by my teeth and it is quite sore, my face is swollen and it's causing earache and a temperature what could it be?

Contact DDS. See your dentist for a clinical and radiographic examination, variables include third molar involvement, caries or periodontal disease. See your dentist for a definitive diagnosis.
See Dentist. Needs to be seen to be evaluated. Could be anything from an infected tooth to a tumor, or literally scores of other problems. The only thing you will learn from the computer is that you have a problem that has to be examined by a knowledgeable professional to be properly diagnosed. Please put down the computer, pick up the phone, and call your Dentist for an appointment.
Dental Infection. May be a dental infection/tooth infection. See a dentist as soon as possible. Probably need antibiotics. They can evaluate how to properly treat it.