How long does it take for the symptoms of celiac disease to flare-up after you eat gluten?

Not known. It is not known. This study is currently just starting using a validated questionaire and blinded exposures to small amounts of gluten.

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If I have celiac disease and eat gluten, what will my symptoms be and when should I expect them to start?

Don't do it. If you truly have Celiac disease you have to meticulously avoid gluten. So don't add it and play with fire unless your doctor supervises.
Celiac. That is one of the problems with celiac disease. It can take a long time, months even before symptoms show and then symptoms can be from skin to neuro psych to GI. I would suggest you speak with a health care worker about your concerns.

Are there psychological symptoms of celiac disease that also go away with a gluten-free diet?

Probably. No one has looked at this scientifically, as it's very difficult to measures states of mind. However, it makes sense scientifically, as immune responses going on in the body slow down the mind and make one feel generally ill. Anecdotally, I've seen folks with real celiac disease feel better overall soon after successful gluten elimination, but it won't help those without the real disease.

Can you take tax deductions for gluten free food for people with celiac disease because it's a medical condition?

Not to my knowledge. You should certainly check with your accountant, however, my understanding is that the avoidance of certain foods (which is what a gluten-free diet is) does not qualify for a tax deduction. If there are medications or doctor's visits, these would qualify.

Is Iga ttg test reliable? . Is it really possible to have undesirable inflammatory symptoms from gluten foods w/o celiac disease

Not 100% It is believed that it is around 90% sensitive if you are still consuming gluten. If you have avoided gluten for awhile, then the test is useless unless positive. There is no evidence that gluten avoidance benefits otherwise healthy people. This is just the disease du jour.

How often can I eat gluten if I have celiac disease?

Never. It would likely be in your best interest to never eat gluten at all. If you have celiac disease, even a tiny amount of gluten can do harm to you. Once your gut is damaged by gluten, healing can take 6 months or more. Casein, the protein in milk, looks similar to the gluten molecule, and cross reactivity can happen. Some people also do best being casein free.
Never. If you want to control the disease you can never have it. Sorry, might be tough but can be done. Make it a habit and you won't even remember missing anything.

If I have celiac disease and eat gluten anyways, what will happen to me?

Undesirable things! A person with celiac disease gets strong allergic reactions to gluten in the small intestine, which causes the lining of the intestine to lose its ability to absorb nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc... If he continues to eat gluten, he can become anemic, lactose intolerant, and have diarrhea or irritable bowel, tummy pains, vitamin deficiency, etc...
Celiac Disease. Whatever usually happens when you eat gluten is what might happen this time. Usually it is limited to GI issues.
Poorer Health. In the short term you will feel the affects of an allergic reaction. But in the long term the effects of under-nutrition will have significant effects on the overall function of the rest of your body. The body needs nutrients to function optimally. When these nutrients are not absorbed well like with gluten exposed Celiac disease the whole body can suffer.

Could you tell me what happens if I eat gluten when I have celiac disease?

Damage to intestines. Depending on the amount ingested and your immune system response, there is the potential for damage to the lining to the intestines. The damage may affect your ability to absorb sugar and other nutrients. It could take months to undo the damage by following the diet as recommended by your physician.