Feel like I'm getting a sinus infection face, head hurt, nose is swollen on left side, lip is swollen, face feels hot and puffy n sore? What can I do?

Allergy/infection. You are describing symptoms that could be due to allergy or to a sinus infection. Taking an anti-histamine like Claritin, (loratadine) Allegra or Zyrtec (not all 3) will help allergy a lot, and maybe help sinus infection a little. If you have a fever, chills and/or sweats then sinus infection is more likely. If symptoms don't clear up with an anti-histamine, then you should see a doctor.
Visit your doctor. Please see your ENT doctor to be evaluated and treated for what sounds to be sinus iinfection, as you wrote. If you have fever, be seen today. Feel better. (If you can not see your physician, see your local clinic or Emergency Room>)