Sharp stabbing pain in my lower stomach, vagina and buttocks. Just random pain not constant. Pain is scaled a 10!

Any severe pain. even if it is intermittent should be evaluated by a physician. in your case you will need imaging studies too. depending upon where you live it may be faster to call your doc and see what they suggest. If that's not possible then consider a visit to an urgent care or an ER. B4 you go to urgent care call to see if they can test urine, blood and do X-rays on site. ERs and UC will be busy, call first.
Exam needed to know. There are many causes of abdominal pain, some of which can be simply annoying, like constipation, others can be deadly. The best way to make sure it's nothing dangerous is to be examined by a health care provider. Most of the time the cause can be determined with a physical exam and a few simple tests. Less often, an imaging study or looking inside the abdomen with a scope (endoscopy) is needed.