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What is hibernating myocardium? On coreg, (carvedilol) can't take ACE inhibitors (allergic), heart is paced if goes below 55bpm.

Use and ARB. Patients who need the renin-angiotensin blocade & who can't take an ace should take an arb which is chemically different. Hibernating myocardium is heart muscle that is viable (alive) but not functioning (non-contractile) because it has compromised circuation. Revascularization can restore function and increase the ejection fraction. Thallium scans are the test of choice.
Cardiomyopathy. Lack of sufficient blood flow to parts of the heart provokes a 'survival' mechanism that slows down the activity of that part until blood flow is restored. In ace intolerant patients, arbs or Aldactone (spironolactone) can be tried. Pacing allows full doses of beta-blockers to be used to help recovery of heart function.

Are beta blockers alone effective in vasodilation around the heart or is combination therapy neccessary, i.e. ace-inhibitors, calcium blockers, etc?

Not always. .. Beta Blockers are interesting drugs. Their use in treating coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and myocardial disease fills volumes. I would love to get into that because it's interesting. ... however. ... to answer your question quite simply. Most patients require more than one medication because they also have high blood pressure. But some can get away with Beta Blockers alone.
BB not vasodilators. The medicines you mention act in three different ways and depending in what you are trying to achieve they can be used separately or together for a variety of conditions, from hypertension to even heart failure (although cal antagonists not recommended for the latter). But beta blockers are not vasodilators.

Can you tell me how angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ace)inhibitors modulate stress on the heart and blood pressure?

ACE I. They modulate stress through decreasing preload and to an extent afterload on the heart. There may also be direct effect on the myocardium but this isn't as well worked out.

My heart rate is 138. should I be concerned? I normally have low bp, as well. But haven't checked it today!

Too fast. Yes, but need to know the condition (s) when this occurs. Always present (consider hyperthyroidism)? Sometimes occurs, of recent onset, associated other symptoms??? see your doc to evaluate and treat accordingly.

Why can't I get accurate reading on my heart rate wrist monitor?

Possibilities. One common reason is if you have an irregular heart rhythm like atrial fibrillation. Other possibilities are technical: fresh batteries? Correct positioning? Good contact? Does it work on other people? If not, it may be defective. Has is ever worked on you? If so, what's changed? If it's never been accurate, it may not be a good unit - i'd advise an arm cuff if you decide to replace it.

Please describe a good weight loss pill or anything else that doesn't increase heart rate?

Do it naturally. Don't do with pills, they all carry side effects. Do it naturally...Search for natural and safer alternatives and speak to a nutritionist...

I have a low heart rate around 45 BPM with chest pains are there any activities I shouldn't do?

Cardiologist. If 45 BPM is not your usual heart rate and you're now having chest pains, the main activity you need to do right now is go to an er for emergency evaluation. If this is a chronic state for you, you need to ask your cardiologist about your exercise tolerance. This can be assessed, and depending on your clinical status some form of cardiac rehabilitation may help you. Good luck.