Had bronchitis or pneumonia for much of last 18 months. Cough up sputum everyday. Wheezing fatigue shortness of breath. COPD or late onset asthma?

COPD/asthma. the presentation may be similar or overlapping. Please see pulmonary specialist if you have this problem for 18 months.
Many possible dx. These symptoms may be related to a number of possible pulmonary conditions. Your physician may suggest puilmonary function testing, a CT scan and sputum cultures and cytology. In addition, if you have had a pulmonary infeciton in the past, bronchiectasis is another consideration. If you have ever smoked, this increases the likelihood of COPD.
Wheezing. Could be either. You need to see a pulmonologist, get breathing test with and without an inhaler and possibly a CT chest. You may also need a sputum culture as well.