How can you differentiate between regular back muscle pain and real kidney problems?

Urinalysis. If you have fever, chill, sweats, different quality or severity of back pain, groin pain, painful/burning urination, more or less frequent urination, cloudy or bloody/dark urine, it may be related to the bladder, ureters, or kidneys. The first step is a urinalysis at any doctor's office or lab.
History +examination. Kidney: history of blood in urine +ve urinalysis, pain not related to twisting spine, flank muscles and spinal muscles not tender, pain caused by ttapping lower rib cage on back, abnormal ultrasound, normal spine x-rays. Back muscle: no hematuria, twisting + bending painful, may feel muscle "knot", rib tapping ok, ultrasound -> normal kidneys, spinal x-ray ?Abnormal discs, ?Vertebral bone spurs.

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What is a good way to differentiate between skeletal muscle pain and real kidney problems?

Difficult to tell. Sometimes it's difficult to differentiate. Occasionally burning with urination or blood in the urine will give you a clue. A urinalysis can help differentiate as well as certain imaging studies. I'd start with your primary care doc to help differentiate. Read more...