Both partners "fixed" ovarian cyst right ovary, late period 5d, pain in ovary migraine that won't go away, what could be wrong?

See your OBGYN! Seems possible that the ovarian cyst has made an impact on your cycle. If it prevented ovulation in some way - you'd miss a period. It needs to be examined and depending on results, treatment decisions can b made. The pain also suggests that the cyst may be doing something new. The migraine is probably a separate issue - but call for an appt ASAP. If it gets worse, Urgent Care or ER is an option.

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Took Plan B 2 months ago and never got my period, found 3.5cm ovarian cyst on my right ovary. When will I get my period and when will the cyst go away?

Ovarian cyst. Most ovarian cysts of this type will resolve within two months. On occasion a cyst will produce an excess in hormones and will change your period pattern, but only for 1-2 cycles at the most. If you are definitely not pregnant you should return to normal cycling on your own. Remember, emotional stress is a very common reason for missed periods. Your doctor can evaluate this and treat as needed. Read more...