20yr old female. Has MS. Sudden onset peripheral neuropathy (weak, numb and tingling) lasts up to an hour then resolves. Not anxious/ breath. Normal?

Short-lasting. Short-lasting symptoms are fairly common with MS. Some people call them pseudoattacks. They may be more common with infections or increased environmental temperature. They are not a sign of MS, but they are common. When they are very common, it may be time to change the treatment plan. Are you sure the "neuropathy" is not caused by effects of MS on the spinal cord?
Clarification. I presume you have proven and clinically definite MS, but am totally perplexed by your medication regimen, as IVIG and fresh frozen plasma are not effective MS therapies, and you do not list an MS disease modifying agent, which you should be taking. Your transient spells might be consistent with "Brief Episodes in MS", an ephaptic short circuiting due to demyelination. Get a second opinion.
You need further. work up of the MS symptoms, as those are somewhat classic. Your neurologist, or ophthalmologist, or neuro-ophthalmologist should be following you closely, and keep your primary care doctor informed. Get answers!