I am a female who RECEIVED unprotected oral sex (cunninglus) with a possibly HIV+ person. Person has good oral health. Should I be worried?

Not Likely. There is not much evidence of documented transmission from Oral fluids. Blood and semen are much more likely to cause transmission. But nothing is 100% safe but abstinence.
Yes. This is contact with infectious body fluids and ideally you should sttr hiv prophlactic treatment immediatiel and be tested and retested befor stoppong the treatment. See a doctor as soon as possible.
Possible HIV exposur. Yes it is possible that you may have been exposed to the virus if your partner is HIV+. Seek medical attention urgently. Avoid any unprotected intercourse at least until you have final confirmation of your negative serology. Assume everyone is STD+. HIV transmission is through body fluids, mostly blood and semen, but it can be in Saliva. It has nothing to do with apparent "good oral health".