Finasteride side effects include what?

Sexual side effects. The most commonj side effects of Finasteride include sexual dysfunction and decreased libido. It can also cause some enlargement of breast tissue over time.
Mainly sexual. Decreased libido, breast tenderness and ejaculatory problems are most common. There are fda warnings with respect to the ejaculatory issues which can persist after stopping the drug, as well as the association with high grade prostate cancer in seen on the prostate cancer prevention trial (pcpt). Hair regrowth in some men with pattern baldness may be seen as a side effect. Psa levels drop by 50%.
Mainly sexual. Finasteride (and dutasteride) can cause 1. Decreased libido (desire for sex) 2. Erectile dysfunctino 3. Breast tenderness (gynecomastia) 4. Ejaculatory problems - new fda label warning 5. Hair regrowth! There is also an fda warning re: these drugs' association with high grade prostate cancer. It is unknown if this is cause-effect or merely that these drugs facilitate the diagnosis.