Exercises to recover from meniscectomy?

Quad Strengthening. Typically, a meniscectomy should not cause too much trauma to the knee and patients recover quite easily. However, the procedure can inhibit the quad muscles from functioning normally for a short time after surgery. Exercises to retrain the quad muscles can help. These exercises include straight leg raises, exercise bicycle, and gentle stairclimbing. Forcing yourself not to limp will also help.

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What are some exercises to recover from a meniscectomy?

Rom/ strengthen. You can work on motion and quad strengthening right away. Exercise bike can be done early post-op and is good for regaining motion and quad strength.Isometric quads work w/ straight leg raises are an excellent means to work quads without irritating your kneecap, and can be done w/ light ankle wts.Walking is great but should begin slowly after rom and quads tone has returned . Best of luck! Read more...

What exercises are good to recover from a meniscectomy?

Knee pain. You should have this discussion with your surgeon. If he does not give you a satisfactory answer and solution, it is okay to get a second opinion. Generally speaking quadriceps and hamstring strengthening exercises such as stationary bike are food starters. Read more...