Are diabetics at risk to develop cellulitis? Why?

Yes. Diabetics are more susceptible to cellulitis for several reasons. First, diabetic nerve damage can decrease sensation, especially over the lower extremities, leading to ulcers where cellulitis can develop. Often, diabetics also have poor circulation, which can lead to breakdown of tissue and impaired healing, and the high blood sugar provides a perfect environment for bacteria to grow.
Yes. Anyone can get cellulitis . If someone has poorly controlled diabetes their immune system will be weaker and diabetics can have circulatory issues and all this predisposes diabetics to cellulitis.
Many reasons. A few ways to think about this. Diabetes compromises circulation, so if there is a site of injury/infection and the circulation there is poor, it will have a problem healing on its own. Bacteria love it, and cause cellulitis diabetes compromises nerves and sensations. Simple cuts and scrapes get missed and simple skin infections get caught much later. Important to check your feet regularly!
Various factors. Diabetic patients often times will have poor circulation and a diminished healing ability which makes them more susceptible to developing infections. The presence of neuropathy is also a main contributor to the development of ulceration. If not treated promptly and appropriately, any open wound can become infected, .