My 2 teeth hurts, but I don't see any tooth decay or anything. I think the problem is the bottom has become really sharp and it's messing with the top?

See your dentist. for evaluation, imaging and treatment if needed. Proper diagnosis is a key to a successful treatment and happy patient.
Teeth pain. See a dentist ASAP. This is the best way to find out what is causing your pain. You may have decay in areas that you can't see in the mirror, that is why we take X-rays. There are other causes of tooth pain : infections, cracks, wear. Only a dentist can make a diagnosis.
Decay. If you can see tooth decay it's very far advanced. You may have decayed teeth, fractured teeth, traumatic occlusion, or many other problems, none of which you can fix yourself. Please, you desperately need professional help. See a dentist before your symptoms get any worse.
Tooth Decay... ... is not so obvious in some situations. That may or may not be your problem. In either event, see your dentist for care. Feel better soon...