Can you have chest pain and problems breathing from a muscle?

Chest pain muscular. Yes! Chest cavity has muscles outside, then the thorax and ribs, then the organs inside [lungs, esophagus, heart, blood vessels, and the muscles inside the chest to handle all those vital organs]=any element can have its own symptom but as there is no sensory nerve inside, what you feel can not easily attributed to any organ. Even blood test and scans at times do not help id the source.

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Is it possible to have chest pain and problems breathing from a muscle strain?

Yes, but. If you pull muscles in your chest wall (ribcage) it can cause those symptoms, but since it may be your heart it should be checked out by a doctor ASD soon as possible.
Yes. CP may be due to several reasons: you may have to rule out heart attack, angina, pericarditis, aneurysms, pneumonia, pleurisy, acid reflux etc get checked some of them can be cured.

Is it possible to have chest pain and problems breathing from a muscle strain?

Absolutely. Because breathing causes the chest wall to expand and contract and many muscle groups (including muscles between the ribs) are located on the chest wall, a strain of any of these muscles can lead to pain with breathing.
Yes. Look at the cartoon for some causes of chest pain. See your doctor for evaluation treatment varies with the cause.

25 yr old with the dull chest pain that comes and goes and moves around with no problems breathing dosent get worse with exercise?

Costochondritis. It could be inflammation if the rib cartilage and musculature. Also known as costochondritis. Should be fine as long as there is no shortness of breath or exertional pain.
Chest pain. It sounds like you may have musculoskeletal pain, take a few days of non antiinflamatories like motrin and if it doesnt help get it checked.

2 weeks ago I had chest ex-rays and they found a enlarged lymphnode now I went for a second ex-ray and they said its going down but im still having neck pain chest pain fatigue and problems breathing what could this be?

More info. I need more information to answer the question. I would suggest you get a chest cat scan. The scan will determine if you have a lung tumor, lymphoma, emphema, or scar tissue. Also, there could be a metastatic cancerous lesion.

I just had Leftside-mid chest pain which lasted <1-2Mins, after argument. Breathing deeply made the pain increase, was this Angina? Muscle? I'm 23

No, anxiety. Is state of tension, apprehension, worry, uneasiness or fear. While mild episodes of anxiety are common and do not require treatment, more severe forms can be chronic and debilitating. Symptoms of severe anxiety insomnia, chest pain, palpitations and parasthesia. Rec.: see your PCP for evaluation.

I've been having chest pain on the left side for months, it's worse when deep breathing or especially raising my arms. Could it be a muscle? Thank you

Maybe... Not usually for months, but could be musculoskeletal. Its persistence points to need to evaluate to identify properly and attempt to resolve. See your Dr or Urgent Care Dr for evaluation.