Can you get ADHD or add and learning disabilities?

Sure. You sure can. It's unfortunate but it can be managed through your doctor.
Yep. Unfortunately some children are born with immaturities of the brain that may lead to both add(h) and learning disabilities. With proper help, these can generally be dealt with.
Absolutely. About a third of people with learning disorders have adhd. In kids with adhd, there is a 10-40% prevalence of learning disorders, depending on tests used. About 30% have the most common type of ld, specific reading disability. In a perfect world, insurance companies would pay for psychological or neuropsychological testing as well as accurate medical diagnosis of adhd.
Please clarify. Are you asking if you can have them at the same time? If so, the simple answer is yes. For instance, you could have adhd and dyslexia.
Yes. Acquired ADD and learning disability are usually related to brain trauma. There are many factors that can cause inattentiveness and thus interfere with learning such as sleep disorders, medications taken for other reasons, medical problems such as thyroid disease as well as psychological factors such as anxiety and depression. See your doctor for referral for a thorough evaluation.