Can women get yeast infections around the vulval area or just farther inside the vagina?

Both. Can be both when treat inside vagina I frequently to take some of the cream and apply around outside if having any symptoms there.

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How do I keep my vagina dry while treating a yeast infection? I am using miconazole 7 and the exterior of my vagina and vulva is inflamed/itchy

A topical cream. The most effective cream for this itchiness is a rx called lotrisone (clotrimazole and betamethasone). A nother is mycolog both contain an anti fungal drug and a steroid to relieve itching.
Add hydrocortisone. Try to mix 1% Hydrocortisone cream to the miconazole. And mix in 2 times each day to the rash. This is a very effective combination. Rub in one cream and then the other right on top for 30 seconds. It doesn't matter which cream you rub in first.

How can I tell if I have vulvodynia or yeast infection? (My vulva and vagina itch every 3 hours or so during the day, not while I'm sleeping)

Vaginal itch. Vaginal itching without discharge can indicate infections like yeast or stis like herpes. It can indicate an allergic reaction to household products like certain soaps and laundry detergents. There are also some skin conditions liked lichen sclerosis which can cause vaginal itching. Start with an over the counter yeast cream. If not improving schedule a visit.

So I thought I had a yeast infection but anything I put near my vagina just burns it really badly. I can't get sleep because I'm in so much pain.

See doctor. Go to see doctor now or if you cannot get in go to urgent care. You need not suffer like this now go.
GYN exam. This may be a complex infection requiring examination, culture, oral and topical antibiotics, I suggest that with such intense pain, that you go to the ER or UC clinic nearest your home, ASAP!

I get awful oder discarge from vagina but told I do not have yeast infection? What can this be

Other possibilities. Other most common causes of bad vaginal odor are BV/VB and trichomoniasis. It is impossible to make a diagnosis online, you need an exam with a Gyn doctor for suse. These conditions can be treated with medicine, good wishes.