Can stress in a 23yo female cause a heart attack. Can chest ache that lasts for days be a heart attack. It isnt painfull or get worse?

NO. Since you are on BCP be very suspicious of DVT and Chronic PE. Seek medical exam and test for PE.
Chest pain. Stress can induce a "broken heart"syndrome(google it) with ECG & bloodtest abnormalties,uncommon but not rare;so any persistent chest pain syndrome needs to be fully formally evaluated with respect to causation etc..Constant pain lasting days is less likely attributable to obstructive coronayr disease,in your demographic non atherosclerotic causes are much liklier-get checked out.

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Can a heart attack last for days. Is it possible a 22yo female to have a heart attack or can severe aniexty cause chest ache and back ache?

Would be rare. Common things are common and rare things are rare. It would be extremely uncommon for you to have a heart attack at 22 that has lasted for "days" and still be alive.It is VERY common to have anxiety that leads you to believe this and have the symptoms you describe. You do need to see your doctor to make sure no medical conditions causing your anxiety and for referral to a psychologist who can help. Read more...

I'm 22 deal with anxiety. Have chest ache on right side, nausea. Comes and goes. Scared I'm having heart attack but not sure if it's anxiety.

Sounds like you have. an anxiety disorder. Please see your doc for a check up and then a mental health professional who can help you deal w/this. Anxiety can express itself in many ways. Irrational health fears are but one. Peace and good health. Read more...

Achy chest in 26 yo female. Heart attack? Gradual pain but nothing sharp everything just aches. Chest and arms. Scared it might be heart attack.

Doctor can evaluate. Age 26 is very young, but everyone has a risk of a heart attack. The real question is "How low a risk?" that takes into account a person's factors, such as her age, other illnesses, her HDL (good cholesterol), her TG, her LDL (bad cholesterol), her family history of heart disease, whether or not she is overweight, if she exercises, family history of diabetes, personal history of diabetes, etc... Read more...