Severe lower back pain radiating through sides and sides of belly. Blood in urine early today. Period ended 2 days ago. What could this be?

Infection or stone. You likely have a kidney stone, though a urinary tract infection can cause similar symptoms, especially if tracking up from the bladder to the kidney(s). I think you should see your doctor for further evaluation.
Here are some ... Although the pain you described is not typical for something like stone or clot passing through ureter (a tube transporting urine from kidney to bladder), seeing gross bloody urine is the concern especially if no UTI (cystitis) is found. So, nonetheless, see Doc to figure out both common concerns for one in a 21-yr female. Of course, bring the info on the onset, degree, duration, & progress to Doc.

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Lower back pain, flecks of blood in urine, frequent urge to pee, painful pee, darker color pee.?

See doctor ASAP. Flank pain, blood in the urine, urgency, painful urination- all could be consistent with urinary tract infection . Other condition such as kidney stone can also happen along with the urinary tract infection. You should see your md as soon as possible and have yourself checked and treated. Good luck. Read more...

Cat scan shows kidney stones in both kidneys. Largest 10mm right side. Had on and off dull low back pain and blood in urine. Can they cause damage?

Yes. If the kidney stone blocks the flow of urine from the kidney, you can get permanent kidney damage, but that can take weeks to happen and is associated with severe pain. Also, kidney stones can become infected from pyelonephritis (kidney infection - not a typical urinary tract infection (uti)) and be challenging to treat. Please see your health care provider and consider a referral to urology. Read more...