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Is high blood pressure a sign that I am too stressed?

It can be. If your blood pressure is usually normal, and now it is up and you are under more than usual stress, then stress can be the cause of elevated blood pressure. However it is possible you actually have the condition of high blood pressure, and if it is high enough it needs to be treated. Your doctor will want to recheck it several times hours apart to determine if you need treatment.

I am 17and have high blood pressure recently. I have been fairly busy and stressed out, could that make it high?

Stress ; BP. "stress" can cause some changes in your heart rate and blood pressure, but these generally normalize when your stress remits. Certain drugs can elevate BP too. You're very young to have sustained high blood pressure. I suggest a full evaluation with your physician.

I have high blood pressure, not high enough for BP pills. Other then exercise what can I due to lower my bp. I have been stressed for years, no oulet?

Blood pressure. There are several things you can do to help blood pressure. Follow the dash diet by lowering your salt intake. Getting enough sleep will help. Some people take garlic pills which has shown some benefit. Try to avoid caffeine, alcohol and anti inflammatory meds.
Fruits and vegetable. The dash diet or dietary approach to stop hypertension is a well researched and recommended plan for this purpose. Details here http://www. Nhlbi. Nih. Gov/health/public/heart/hbp/dash/new_dash. Pdf.
Diet. Regular execise, healthy balanced diet and work on ways to reduce your stress level.

I have high blood pressure and repeatedly check my blood pressure throughout the day how do I break this habit. Totally stressed about high blood pre?

Stress and Anxiety. Stress and anxiety often go hand-in-hand. When one begins to stress over something such as blood pressure measurements, they often increase their anxiety and find themselves locked in a repeating cycle. There are highly effective treatments available to break these anxiety producing cycles. Check with your primary care physician or a psychotherapist. Relief is only a phone call away.
Get Expert 2 Assess. If u're checking ur BP 2reassure urself that it's ok + u feel some relief after u check (though relief doesn't last because doubt that u may have missed something starts taking hold causing ur anxiety level 2shoot up all over again) consider seeing a clinical psychologist/psychiatrist 4a careful diagnostic assessment. This might or might not b ocd. Get expert opinion so can get targeted treatment!

People who are stressed are suffering from high blood pressure. Is this true?

Not really. Although stress may make high blood pressure worse the two are really independent problems. Each should be treated appropriately but a healthy lifestyle can alleviate both.

I get blurred vision when I exercise or feel stressed. Could this be a sign of high blood pressure? If so what should I do to stop this firm happenin

Doubt blood HBP. This could be a problem called pigmentary dispersion - which is mostly likely in higher myopes. If this is happening consistently then you should see a n ophthalmolgist for evaluation. High blood pressure is very uncommon at your age and does not cause visual blur in any case unless it is crazy high.

What determines the stroke volume in one heartbeat? If I get stressed the volume rise and thats why u get high blood pressure right?

Cardiac output. The cardiac output is measured in part by the strength of the heart (ejection fraction), the blood volume in the body, and the heart rate. Blood pressure rises for a variety of reasons and one of them is stress. Others include pain, exercise, and postural changes. Read Arthur Guyton's textbook of Physiology.
Wrong. Your BP goes up when you are stressed because your peripheral resistance (the "tone") of your arteries goes up. In a sick heart that may make the stroke volume go down. If I were you, I would be worried about the STRESS and not your Blood Pressure or its physiology (at age 22)

High blood pressure runs in my family. My mom's BP will be as high as 200/? Sometimes. Why does my BP stay around 100/70-even when stressed out?

Many variables. While high BP can certainly be genetic, there are many factors that affect it. Nutrition and physical conditioning, age, being male or female all play a part. If you are young and healthy your BP can be quite low or in a good range. Aging and lack of conditioning play a big role in the worsening of bp. Stress does not always cause pressure to increase.
Good BP. Although there are hereditary components to blood pressure, most often the major contributor to hypertension is a salt loaded diet and the inability of the body to get rid of the salt excess. Your BP is good and should try to keep it that way!