Can anyone tell me about what to expect when I go to do my heart stress test and if there are any side effects of dipyridamole?

Yes, there is. Your physician should tell you or give you some literature on the test, what to expect, what it tests. Dipyridamole is a medication that helps prevent thrombus formation or clot in the vessels, and may be used during stress testing (rare side effects). Stress testing usually is being hooked up to monitor, walking on treadmill while being monitored and instructed. Nuclear stress is with injection.
Yes. The desire is to have your heart go fast enough to detect any defects in coronary blood flow-ischemia on the monitor by ekg or echo or radioisotope scan. Instead of treadmill, or another exercise, Dipyridamole is given. It has a number of good uses including stress testing as a vasodilator. You will likely be in a gown, with monitor leads for a continuous ekgor have a pre & post echo or scan.