Everytime I shower or take a bath I get itchy red spots on my body mostly on my upper body and face sometimes. Is it an allergy to be concerned of?

Heat Urticaria. Some people get hives from exposure to really hot water. The rapid change in skin temperature from cold to hot and then hot to cold causes release of histamine which is what causes the rash. You can take a shower that is not quite as hot and see if this helps or you can take a long acting antihistamine like Zyrtec (cetirizine) and see if this helps. If not see an allergist.
Soap is suspect. This story suggests you have a sensitivity to your bath product ... soap or scrub or shampoo or something. Maybe your facial wash. It is probably a sensitivity to an irritant rather than a true allergy. It won't lead to anything serious but since it is probably pretty uncomfortable, I would change bath products. That can also be how you can test if the product is the cause. Good luck:)