Are there supplements to treat the symptoms of Lyme disease?

Yes, many good ones. Lyme has many symptoms & many supps can help. For pain/inflammation I advise curcumin & boswellia. Ashwagandha, rhodiola, eleutherococcus, reishi & cordyceps help fatigue, support adrenals & improve cognitive function. A good multivitamin and extra magnesium are generally helpful. Chlorella helps clear toxins. Besides treating symptoms, supps can improve immune function & kill lyme bacteria. See comment.

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I previously had Lyme disease and I still have some symptoms after being treated. What can I do now?

Lymes. You need to be completely rechecked as lyme sometimes reoccurs and needs more treatment.
Maybe continue treat. There is controversy on the issue of when to stop treatment. The international lyme and associated diseases society (ilads) has published treatment guidelines that recommend continued treatment until the patient is symptom free. This is something worth discussing with your doctor. Sometimes there is residual symptoms that are permanent, but usually all symptoms clear when infection is gone.

Can someone who had chronic Lyme disease and has been treated for it & still has neurological symptoms, bladder dysfunction & pain possibly have ms?

Yes but likely LYME! It's possible, but chronic lyme can cause symptoms identical to ms. Just because you were treated for chronic lyme does not mean it has been eradicated; many lyme specialists feel chronic lyme is nearly impossible to cure & many if not most cases of ms are caused by lyme. This is controversial, but since you have lyme it is much more likely to be causing your symptoms than ms. See my comment:.
Multiple sclerosis. Yes. A person with treated lyme disease can develop multiple sclerosis. Having lyme disease does not protect your from having ms nor it increases the risk of having it either. Bladder dysfunction and pain are seen in many conditions and are not specific of multiple sclerosis. The diagnosis of ms may require certain period of observation or perhaps a lumbar puncture. Check with a neurologist.
Vaguely possible. But most likely, the Lyme is not fully controlled, or you may have an additional co-morbidity. I feel that you would do well to see a pain management specialist, and that could be a neurologist who focuses in that area. Not convinced that you describe MS.

I had Lyme disease in 2011 and it was treated with antibiotics Could Lyme symptoms persist years later? I still feel fatigued with muscle aches.

Yes it can. Because the organism causing Lyme is a spirochete, it does not really respond completely to antibiotics and some may have survived. Get several blood tests to, check, for, Luke titters. Make an appt with infectious disease doctor today to check this out and get your immune system checked as well.

Symptoms of Lyme disease easy to see?

Easy to see but... The symptoms of lyme are very easy to see but it may be hard to recognize these as lyme. Classic symptom of bullseye rash only seen in half or less, then flu-like symptoms, then migrating joint pains (often 1st in knees), fatigue, poor memory/concentration, can't find right word, blurred vision. Can cause virtually any symptom, often misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS etc.

What are the common symptoms of Lyme disease?

See below. Red, expanding rash called erythema migrans (EM) Fatigue, chills, fever, headache, muscle and joint aches, and swollen lymph nodes. Bell's Palsy or facial paralysis, neck stiffness, Heart palpitations and dizziness, Late stage Lyme has bouts of arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling.