Can sitting @ computer chair for many years w/ foot behind leg of chair + foot in a plantar flexion cause damage to Achilles and/or surrounding area?

Search ubder Crohn,s. No. If you are suffering from Crohn,s, you must be infromed it causes joint and tendon issues. Wisconsi is a farm states. Use of Insecticieds cuses Gene damage. Also GMO cause Aljergy. Crohn,s is noyhing excepy allergy to food in your Bowels (intestines). To get better Need to do organics. Also find A smart RHeumatologist to give Small dose of Plaqenil and possibly Methotexate, then you feel bette.
Don't believe so. Plantarflexion would not strain the Achilles, it may cause contraction but don't believe would cause any injury in a static position.