Can shingles be prevented?

Not completely. Shingles is a reactivation of the virus that causes chicken pox. There is a vaccine for shingles (zostavax). It doesn't prevent shingles completely, but may cause it to be milder, and reduce the amount of pain after the rash.

Related Questions

Can the shingles vaccination prevent shingles?

Yes. The shingles vaccine, zostavax, is available to adults in a particular age group. Zostavax helps prevent shingles, but is not completely protective. Some people can still get shingles even though they were vaccinated. Zostavax costs about $250 if not covered by insurance.
Yes. That is exactly what it is meant to do. It is recommended for people over the age of 60 and cuts the risk of getting shingles in half.

Can the shingles vacine prevent bells palsy?

No. The varicella vaccine can prevent chicken pox/shingles infection, but is not a deterrent for bell's palsy.

How can you prevent shingles on the face from scaring?

Early. Very aggressive early treatment. Please see your dermatologist for evaluation and to discuss treatment options.
Early treatment. Once you develop blisters from shingles (or even before) is the best time to treat shingles with oral and topical treatments. Once the blisters scab up and start to heal, it is still important to use a cream or ointment, whether it is silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) or an other antibiotic ointment (e.g. Polysporin). The application of a topical will maximize healing and minimize scarring.

Does the chickenbox vaccine last all your life? Can it prevent shingles?

Yes, in most people. The chickenpox vaccine is 85-98 % effective after the 2 recommended doses. In studies it has been shown to last at least 10-20 years. It has not been used long enough to know if it will last a lifetime. Shingles is caused by a reactivation of the virus that has caused chicken pox earlier in life, so in most cases, the vaccine will prevent shingles, indirectly. There is another vaccine for shingles.
Maybe, maybe not. A single dose of the vaccine confers lifelong immunity in ~ 85% of people while 2 doses at least a month apart brings it up to ~98%.Shingles is a reactivation of wild or vaccine virus that occurs if the persons immune system fails to keep it contained. A shingles vaccine, similar to the varicella shot (only many X stronger) is used to awaken the immune system and keep the virus under house arrest.