Having bloody stools and lots of pain for a year had a colonoscopy and no inflammation was found biopsy taken could this still be colitis or crohns.

Meckles Diverticulum. Though this is found mostly in the Pediatric age group, but there are cases reported in Adults. These are found in the distal ilium. Best diagnoses with a Meckles scan . Other causes can be A/V malformation and can be diagnoses with a radioisotope tagged RBC scan or Mesenteric Aa. Angiogram. Think outside the box (colon)
Possibly. If the colonoscopy was indeed normal, then ulcerative or Crohn's colitis would be unlikely. Crohn's of the small intestine is still possible but usually does not present with bloody stools. Discuss this further with your gastroenterologist to see what further testing is needed.

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Colitis on ct, dr suspects crohns. Colonoscopy showed no infl, biopsy neg for infl, but dr. Says can't rule out crohns. What can I do to get answers?

Crohn's colitis. Is sometimes a difficult diagnosis, even with a biopsy. Other causes of colitis are infection, ischemia, or diverticulitis. Sometimes, the only way to tell is by response to empiric medication trial. Your GI specialist is the best source for answers. Read more...