Which Dr. For a disc ballooning out to side, part in spl canal, now low abdomen numb. Touch causes Strong tingling down legs, bladprob? 9wks not betr?

Could be serious. Your symptoms sound like a result of a herniated disk that is causing actual dysfunction of some nerves, If so, the situation should be addressed quickly as some changes may become permanent if left untreated. You need a spine specialist to guide you. Depending on your community, this will be either be an orthopedist or neurosurgeon.
Emergency Room. Back pain, tingling, bladder problems is a sign of cord compression. Best to call 911 to go to the Emergency Room for immediate imaging of your back. Good luck.
Spinal disc problems. The biggest concern here is a bladder problem. If you mean a loss of control of the bladder hopefully your MRI was reviewed by a spinal specialist. It sounds like you have a disc problem in the upper part of the lower back or lower part of the mid back. .