I had shingles 2 mths ago. Feels like its back but no itching, no rash. Daughter is pregnant. Can I safley be around her? PLEASE reply! :-) Thanks

Depends. It depends upon whether your daughter has had chicken pox and is immune, for which she can be tested if her status is in doubt. If she is immune, there is generally no significant concern, but use common sense in limiting exposure by any direct contact to affected body part.
Just cover it up. Yes, you can be around your daughter. She should not get the virus from your shingles. It is rarely transferred to people. When shingles has blisters, they should be covered. There is a small chance of it being spread then. Covering it prevents this. When the rash forms crusts, there is no chance of it being spread.
Yes. A recurrence of shingles at this point would be exceedingly unlikely (immune compromised, on chemo, etc.) Your daughter likely either had the chickenpox or the vaccine in childhood (in common use by mid 90's) and would not either get CPX or transmit it to her fetus. The shingles virus is in the debris from sores, not the saliva or cough as would be the case with CPX. It is hard to spread.
You should be fine. YOU SHOULD BE FINE, #1 If she had chicken pox as a child, she is likely immune, and #2, if you have no open lesions, you will not shed virus.