After I eat it hurts in my chest under the breast bone.?

Reflux. If you are describing heart burn type symptoms, then you have reflux. This can be treated with antacids, tagamet, (cimetidine) etc. If refractory would see a gastroenterologist.

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Breast bone sometimes hurts ifi'm laying down and get up it hurts or just sitting doing whatever my chest tightness up then goes away then comes back?

Costochondritis. Inflammation or arthritis where the ribs attach to the sternum.
Chest pain. Most likely you have costochondritis. Get checked with your doctor to rule out other causes of chest pain.

My chest hurts and caves in when I sleep. Have pectus and my breast bone hurt when I be in certain positions.?

Makes sense. Have you had this condition checked out? It can put pressure on you heart and potentially be of concern. Usually a cariothoracic surgeon is consulted and an ech and MRI done. Do you have other symptoms like any shortness oh breath at all or other chest pain? Any pain at amy time raises a red flag.

I have a little bit of pain right under my breast bone, comes and goes doesn't hurt a lot just uncomfortable, ?

For how long. Does it worsen touching it, if so might represent a chest wall pain and will probably resolve.
Seek attention. If no shortness of breath, likely musculoskeletal. Try otc Motrin for 2 weeks and seek immediate attention if worsens.