Are there any home remedies for rosacea?

Dietary changes. Even the most conventional doctors now recognize that rosacea is often aggravated by a wide variety of foods, especially spicy foods, acidic foods, hot drinks and alcohol. For many people dairy also aggravates it. The only way to know for sure is to try avoiding common triggers for a few weeks and then add them back individually to see how they affect her. Please see comment for links to more info:.
Rosacea. Some people with rosacea report that horse-chestnut cream or-rose-wax cream is helpful. Either of these products can be applied to the affected areas twice a day.
Yes. Diet can really help- certain foods like alcohol, coffee, spicy foods & sugar tend to aggravate, while a diet rich in fruits & vegetables can help- see http://www. Energiseforlife. Com/wordpress/2006/04/30/the-alkaline-diet-and-rosacea/ for more info. There are many natural therapies like creams with green tea, licorice & other herbs- see http://altmedicine. About. Com/cs/treatments/a/rosacea. Htm.