I'm sorryi was told I had ovarian cyst but my stomach is large and bowel is not much and cramps pains everywhere I was wondering if I had endemtrosis?

Evaluation. It could be endometriosis with scarring and endometriosis cysts called an endometrioma. It could also be a fibroid. Sounds like you need a proper diagnosis and likely a procedure to confirm that diagnosis as well as to improve your symptoms.
It's possible. Not all cramping is due to endometriosis, which is the most common cause for pelvic pain and infertility at times, for the reproductive age women. All reproductive age women will have cysts on ovaries and they should; it's normal since one of these cysts will rupture to release an egg each month (ovulation). Only post-menopausal women or young children will have no cysts. Please see your doctor.