I've had chest pain on the left side for awhile now. I've had blood work, EKG, echocardiogram and everything is normal. Heart related? I'm 26.

Not so fast. I would not go on an exhaustive, expensive shot gun approach to the many many different causes of chest pain. more history can help differentiate most of them. if it has been "awhile" it is not likely a life threatening issue like PE, dissection, heart attack, etc. doing unnecessary testing gives people more stress and anxiety sometimes, Not saying ignore, but be prudent. given age reassuring.
Chest pains on left. left sided chest pains causes:mitral valve prolapse,costochondritis,coronary artery disease,pulmonary embolism,pleuritis,mitral regurgitation,rheumatic heart disease Advised to have EKG,X-ray chest,echocardiogram,echo stress test,ct chest with PE protocol,cardiac cath,venous doppler,cbc,chem screen24. treat the cause.
More work up. Persistent chest pain needs to be addressed immediately. If you haven't had one sometimes the doctors will order a Chest X ray or CT scan to evaluate persistent chest pain for a blood clot. I would consider this if you are still having pain and go to the emergency room.

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