Small lump on lower left back right at or a little above hip bone. It moves when touched, no pain, kind of squishy. Kidney cancer? Cancer?

Lipoma. You are likely describing a benign lipoma. Please consider seeing your health provider if it enlarges or becomes painful.
Here are some. Without additional info such as onset, duration, & progress of the lump over time, I would guess it is most likely just a harmless lipoma or subcutaneous cyst like sebaceous cyst, etc. It's unlikely to be kidney cancer or cancer. For the time being, collect the info on its onset, progress(growth), & duration over time so to see Doc for analysis whenever you need. Best wish ...
Less likely bad. If this bump is small, moves around and just beneath the skin it is likely a cyst or fat collection. Both are harmless. If the bump is painful, red or very large and deep you should have that examined. Good luck.