F/36yrs. Low BP, CMPanel/glucose/insulin normal. Creatinine, Urine=145.7mg/dL, Microalbumin, Urine 59.3ug/mL (HI)&Microalb/Creat Ratio 40.7 (Hi). Cause?

Can be 'normal' if. sample given within 24 hrs. after exercise normal glucose/ insulin doesn't rule out diabetes; check Hga1c need urinalysis to look at sediment see MD.
Microalbuminuria. The causes of microalbuminuria include diabetes, hypertension, latent glomerulonephritis, inactive glomerulonephritis, IgA glomerulonephritis, toxic effects from NSAIDs or other meds, a latent allergic disease. A microalbumin/creatinine ratio of 40 is barely elevated (normal less than 30) -- so repeat it a few times.