Does anyone know about the recovery time of benign acute myositis?

2-3 weeks. Benign acute myositis in childern take that much to revcover.Good luck.
What is the cause. This depends on the reason. Uncertain what criteria are being used to make that diagnosis and what the exact category you are asking about. Location of muscle pain can clarify. It may be more of a myalgia than a myositis which implies inflammation.

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9 yr old has benign acute myositis for the second time in a year. Both times while recovering from a virus. Could this indicate an ongoing condition?

Less likely. Myositis is a clinical diagnosis based on concurrent viral illness. fever is often associated with it. Acute onset, and recovery. Yes there are several viruses that can cause it, common ones being influenza this time of the year. Confirmation is by doing a CPK-MB fraction assay. Without such information recurrent episodes have to be looked at further. Read more...