Diagnosed with prostatis 6 mnt ago it comes and goes antibiotics not working, now after I pee I have pain in lower abdomen & penis especially whie moving afterwhile goes away is this causby prostatis?

Chronic Prostatitis. About 75 %l cases of chronic bacterial prostatitis clear up with treatment. Sometimes the symptoms come back recur and antibiotic therapy needed again. For cases not responding to treatment, long-term, low dose antibiotic therapy is recommended to relieve the symptoms. Other medications (as those used for nonbacterial prostatitis ) or treatments ( prostate massage therapy or surgery) may be needed.
Sounds like it. One of the problems with prostatitis is that it can recur so easily. It is important that an episode of prostatitis be treated for a full month with antibiotics. If it keeps recurring, it's time to see a urologist.