My friend gets carboplatin and Taxol (paclitaxel) combined and longterm - are there side effects to this?

Carbo/taxol. It is a very common regimen for cancer for multiple type of cancers. Read this for more info: carboplatin- http://www. Nlm. Nih. Gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a695017.Html paclitaxel: http://www. Nlm. Nih. Gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a607070.Html.

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Nsclc kras wild adeno iv. Seems Taxol (paclitaxel) + carboplatin (+erbitux) weekly instead of 3 weekly has min side efex. So why recommend every three weeks?

Clinical trials. Most physicians use 3 week Carboplatin and paclitaxol therapy for adenocarcinoma nsclc. This is mostly due to clinical trial data supporting the every 3 week regimens. Neuropathy is typically greater with weekly treatments. I usually will use Erbitux in combination with Cisplatin Navelbine (vinorelbine) based on clinical studies. Ask your physician because chemo choices are sometimes related to comorbid disease.
Alternative. Differen protocol. Talk to your oncologist, he is the only one that can advise.