What is lumbar hypertrophic disease in facet joints and thickening of the ligamentum flavum? Mild-moderate facet hypertrophy L3-S1, lig flav thick L3-L4

It means there are. Degenerative changes occurring leading to enlargement of the small joints of the spine (2at each level ) along with degenerative enlargement of a ligament that connects each segment or level of the spine that could eventually lead to an overall narrowing of the spinal canal which may lead to a condition known as spinal stenosis. Smoking, being obese & a family hx of arthritis can accelerate it.

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I have mild lumbar hypertrophic disease in the facet joints with ligamentum flavum thickening. Will it progress or can it be reversed?

Progressive. This is a progressive condition. It is unusual for a 27 years old to develop significant degenerative disease. There may be mechanical factors like scoliosis, leg length discrepency or abnormalities of the joints of the lower limbs. A physiatrist or experienced physical therapist may be able to help. . Read more...