Is one of the side effect of acetaminophen sleep walking?

Not a usual one. Sleep walking is performed by an unconscious brain and is itself abnormal, partiularly in an adult. It might surprise you to know that high calorie malnutrition is a common cause (empty calories). In any consultation i ask routinely if there is a history of sleep walking because it is so common. Some sleep drugs will cause it also-----even raiding the refrigerator while still asleep!

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I am prescribed 7.5mg Zopiclone for 3 nights, is there any way to avoid the sleep walking/ sleep activities side effect? As I'm a bit worried about it

Sleep med side effec. If you are experiencing side effects please call your doctor's office right away. Most people don't have scary effects like sleep driving, so if you aren't having the side effects, you can talk to one of your providers about how to avoid side effects. Extreme fatigue, alcohol, being too hungry, interactions with other meds or other factors may be relevant. Recommend a psychol. sleep disorder exper. Read more...