CAN YOU Something about Osteolamasia. I have get after I had canceler. I have so much pain in my body, but the doctors say they cant do anything.?

Tumor induced osteo? Hello, I'm not completely clear on your question. It sounds as if you have "Tumor-induced osteomalacia" (TIO), also referred to as oncogenic osteomalacia, is an acquired disorder of isolated renal phosphate wasting, associated with tumors that often have a mesenchymal origin. This is a rare condition. Your doctors should be able to give you medication to help with the pain.
Oncogenic osteomalac. it will resolve within months after the cancer or tumor is removed. If it hasn't been located yet or cannot be removed, it can be treated with calcitriol and phosphorus, sometimes octreotide if tumors have receptors, and cinacalcet if hypophosphatemia is still a problem after calcitriol and phosphorus has been tried. There are also long-acting pain medications, lidoderm patches might be a start.