Severe RA. Dr. prescribed Actemra (tocilizumab) inj. Plaqunil. Methotrexate. Sulfasalazine. Norco. Folic acid. What 2 watch out for? Any concerns from theses drugs?

All drugs have. side-effects, but this combination is usually well tolerated!
Sounds right. Severe RA requires serious medications. I do not see any drug-drug problems. But individually these meds require monitoring and an awareness of what can go wrong. You absolutely must review your concerns with your doc who is paid to educate you about the risks and benefits of treatment and making an informed decision about your care.

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I take nabumetone, methotrexate, enbrel, plaquenil, vitamin d and folic acid for RA & dermatomyo. Which of these is making it difficult to lose wight?

None of the above! Mtx, enbrel, (etanercept) ho-q, vit d3, and Folic Acid will not cause wt. Gain. Some fluid retention is not uncommon with nsaids, but it stops shortly after starting. I would suggest that your medication cocktale may be increasing appetite, and inactivity imposed on you by your illness is the most likely factor! arthritis patients frequently gain 5-6 lbs per year. Read more...